Monday, August 20, 2012


That feeling when you've worked really hard and someone is just gonna steal what you did...?

I am dismayed / annoyed / stressed / mad / frustrated that someone ripped the hell out of me (and the team), removed the credits and then uploaded it like it was his work.

Do you know how much time it took for me to subtitle one single performance?

How slow my netbook processes?

How slow my internet uploads?

Do you know how much time the translator took to translate a song or even the whole album and discography?

Do you know how much time the raw provider took to download that huge file and reencoded it?

Don't we have lives to live?

Despite us having our own daily lives, we still find time just to work on fandom.

A little credit is enough... We worked hard for it, we deserve the credit for it!

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Anonymous said...

I know how hard the work of translation of the videos, had placed a link to your site in my video description. Please accept my apology!