Friday, February 5, 2010

Utada - In the Flesh Tour 2010

Wow, Utada's been on tour and luckily, dnutt from Utadanet was able to record the FULL SHOW (audio only) from her Live Vegas stop! XD

Below are my comments from the songs performed during the tour :)
This is my first time doing this lol

01 Crossover Interlude
- yeah!!! Crowd's gettin' crazy XD

02 On and On
- wow, what a great intro! energetic crowd! \m/ :)

03 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
- Are you with me Las Vegas? sweet! the crowd gets more and more hyped! I like when they were singing along "what what!?" XD

04 Poppin'
- Hey hey hey hey hey! Hikki's bein' biased here lol "Girls you know we have it better than the boys!?" and girls were screaming :D Hikki as well asked the crowd to scream and booom screaming!!!! Lead guitar <3 Poppin' is growin' in me XD

05 This One (Cryin' Like a Child)
- My #1 and/or #2 favorite song from the album... a live performance is indeed way better! Effects used <3 Hikki was mumbling "I miss you I miss you I miss you..." for the last chorus sure was lovely <3

06 Passion/Sanctuary
- A bilingual mix... I really like the transition from Japanese to English using "my heart is a battle ground" Made me love "Sanctuary" more now :)

07 Sakura Drops
- Wow, Hikki on piano... this is the BEST performance of Sakura Drops AND in this setlist! Sakura Drops is a really good and inspirational ballad to me... When I listen to this live version during midnight where it's so quite... I imagine this as a teary performance...

08 Stay Gold
- Still, Hikki on piano... another Hikki song that is really growing in me...

09 Devil Inside
- Very much like the Utada United perf :) lead guitar was a bit different and it's two thumbs up!!!!

10 Kremlin Dusk x YMMWTBAM
- KD | Again very much like the Utada United one but Hikki didn't sing some of the parts though.
- YMMWTBAM | I was wanting some more of Hikki's screaming here like her voice combining with the lead guitar \m/ the lead guitar was a bit different too but still good:)

11 The Bitter End (Placebo Cover)
- My first time hearing the song :) One of the best thing about Hikki is that she can ROCK!!!! a new song that would be added to my playlist ;)

12 Apple and Cinnamon
- It feels so good to listen to this live version :) the sounds were a bit different which made the song so pleasant for my ears XD specially the chorus part

13 Come Back to Me
- Aww, one my most awaited song to be played XD. As expected,a flawless perf!

14 First Love
- THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I'm missing the "yeah yeah yeah" part though :)

15 Can You Keep A Secret
- Woot! the acoustic guitar was lovely :)

16 Automatic
- Wow, the guitar is like the Budokan/Utada United combined :) wee!

17 Dirty Desire
- Ok, so I don't really like the contents of the song lol but yeah it's a catchy one and very dancer-friendly (what a term?) XD the interlude was a bit changed and i like it :) add up the guitars <3 XD and the crowd weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

18 Simple and Clean
- The song that introduced me to Utada Hikaru. Feels so good live <3 the ending part of the song was like that of Utada United which is so cool :) I wanna use it as a ringtone! IMO, Hikki should've done a bilingual perf ;) Hikari x Simple & Clean <3

19 Me Muero
- Additional instrumentals <3!!!!!!! sounded like a Hawaiian tune :) and then the acoustic guitar in the end ahh so cool :)

The end :)

Since there's still no news about an official DVD of the tour, I synced the Las Vegas recording with her Utada United / Bohemian / Budokan Tour :)

You can see em @

Subtitles : Raul-kun Fansubs
Translation : Meg-chan / Kiwi Musume
Raw Provider : Nakiatala / PabloRiv
Audio Recording : dnutt

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