Sunday, May 31, 2009

I went to Utada's concert ~in my dreams~ XDDDD


the year's second half comes in 4 hours here ^^


ok, last night, I was in Utada's concert hahaha, the best dream I had thats like "real" LOL...

It was held at Araneta Coliseum *as usual*... Then I brought placards that says my favorite lines from her song lyrics ^^. samples below:

~Utada, I will love you for a thousand years. Yours truly, Raul~

~Utada Hikaru, you will always be inside my heart.~

Oh yeah, in my dream, she performed both english/japanese songs just like the Utada United tour OMG!

During her talk, she mentioned "you, the one with plackards, I see you" and waved...
I nearly died hahahahahhaha... :P

During the end, I gave her my "I love Hikki" mug/cup and took a photo with her...


They say "dreams come true..." So, Utada's gonna have a world tour... I suppose (Y) Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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